Cleft to show a wide part of the Canadian Map, caused by many small lakes.

Kanadas Lage

Lage Kanadas in North America, Those: CIA Factbook


Thousands of these small lakes, where you can catch great fish course.

Especially the salmon fishing is Canada has long been one of the most popular sports in the area of ​​fishing.

There are even special travel provider, where you can book a salmon fishing trip.

The Canadian landscape is flat and slightly hilly in the east.

Found in Labrador and Quebec, several, but rather small mountains.


Map of Canada


On the map of North America published by the American CIA is also the neckline of Canada and Greenland, The source here is free, available as public domain by anyone.

So it is also a Canadian Map:

Forests cover the southern part of Canada, in the northern part is due to the arctic tree line is treeless vegetation It also reflects. This is called tundra, as it is about finding also in northeastern Russia. The highest mountains are found in the west of the country.

Kanadas Landkarte

Map of Canada, Those: CIA Factbook

To be seen on the below Map of Canada you can very well see the many small and large water retention, that shape the landscape image of a large part of this beautiful country.

The topographic map of Canada offers a great overview of the landscape fringed by forests of the North American country. But the gray and brown layers of mountains are concisely listed:


Topographic map of Canada

In winter, if many of the Seen in Canada frozen solid are, the icy areas used frequently for sporting purposes. Sports such as skating on ice or in Canada – Incidentally, as in many parts of northern Europe very popular winter on Ice Hockey – will find their exercise options.

But the solid frozen water surfaces in winter also increasingly used as a substitute road. What, above all, the truck traffic benefited greatly, because as you on the Map of Canada can see, there are equal times fast a few hundred miles of driving distance less inside. This leads to a significantly lower cost and faster transport- and handling facilities for the local transport operators.


Map of Provinces


Diese Public Domain Map, shows the different territories in Canada associated with the provincial capitals.


Canada's Provinces in the overview map


Canadian neighbors


The neighbors in Canada are found fairly quickly. In the north, the country borders the Arctic, to the south by the United States America, with which the Canadians 6.400 km border length share. But to Alaska, The yes is also among the States, Canada has a limit, which amounts to almost 2.500km. On the map of Canada sees the demarcation of shorter, than it is in reality.

We have heard, that the United States with Canada at the border again last has some difficulties with illegal immigrants. However, not nearly as striking as in the south and permanently, where the Mexican border is a much bigger problem for the internal security of the United States.


Interactive Map of Canada


As compared with the map of Germany can be found in the Canada map for a lot more lakes and rivers, but also less direct transport routes, the roads in some areas are poorly developed. Also, there is no tunnel under one of the great lakes, only a few are in the winter when they are frozen, passable.

Canada is also much larger than Germany, houses but fewer residents. All 34 Million inhabitants live there. This means, that is to be admired in the country a lot of open landscape and nature. The biodiversity in the Mountains, as the mountains are called in Canada, is very high and is one of the regions in the world worth protecting.

Since there is the real, free range grizzly bears, which sometimes can catch a fish in the nearby water. This idyll you can learn on a trip into the interior of this country. What the Canada map nor can show is, that the northern, Arctic mainland is predominantly covered with ice and snow.

And now, enjoy zoom into the map of Canada: